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End-of-Life Wishes Checklist

By Featured

Estate planning can not only help you plan for your loved ones after you are gone, but it can also help you prepare for your last goodbye. Our End-of-Life Wishes Checklist will guide you through the crucial decisions. From notifying loved ones to specifying your final resting place, this checklist can help ensure that all of the details are addressed.

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By Business

Starting on January 1, 2024, a new law called the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) requires owners of certain business entities to file a report with the federal government and provide details regarding the ownership of their entity. If you are a business owner (limited liability company, family limited partnership, corporation, etc.) and have included your business ownership as part of your existing estate plan, this is important information you will need to know to ensure that you comply with the new law.

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Daughterhood The Podcast: For Caregivers

By Elder Care, Featured

Daughterhood The Podcast is hosted by Rosanne Corcoran, whose journey into caregiving began with a dementia diagnosis of her fiercely independent mother, opening the door to a 12-year journey into sandwich caregiving. She brings her authentic voice to each conversation and discusses challenges caregivers face with experts in all fields.

This monthly podcast aims to provide insight into navigating the healthcare system, resources, support, and community to caregivers. As Rosanne knows first hand, caregiving is filled with uphill challenges, stress and grief, while trying to do the best you can everyday. Every month she offers information, inspiration or even just a little company. Join her in Daughterhood.

Why Daughterhood? with Anne Tumlinson and Andrea Cohen

By Elder Care

The challenge of caring through a broken healthcare system is something every caregiver lives through.

The guests are Daughterhood Founder Anne Tumlinson and Daughterhood Interim CEO Andrea Cohen know those challenges personally and professionally.

Along with podcast host Rosanne Corcoran, they discuss their personal experiences as caregivers, what drives them to create change, the importance of being able to find practical resources and support – and how Daughterhood can help.

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