Trust administration is the process of management and distribution of assets held in a trust, subject both to trust terms and applicable law. Since we both draft trusts and represent clients regarding trust administration, we are experienced in these matters from all perspectives. Why might you need legal advice related to trust administration?

  • Your loved one has died or become incapacitated, and they wrote a trust as part of estate planning. Now, you want to know what to do and expect.
  • You are a financial institution or individual named in a trust, commonly as trustee or successor trustee, and you want experienced, nuanced, risk-focused legal advice.
  • Even if a trust is irrevocable and may have been ongoing for decades without a known problem, it may be eligible for in-court or out-of-court modification or even termination. We have used these and other tactics to eliminate hundreds of thousands of dollars in projected capital gains had our client died before our legal intervention.
  • You suspect wrongdoing surrounding the administration of a trust.

Probate administration is the court supervised legal process by which some or all of a deceased person’s assets are distributed, either according to her or his Last Will or via the terms of Kentucky’s intestacy statutes. Our decades of experience mean we know the judges and clerks who we will work with and are ready to guide clients through the most efficient and risk-reduced probate experience. If a loved one has died, call us today for a no obligation initial consultation. Why might you need our advice after the death of a loved one?

  • A loved one has died, and you have no idea how to proceed.
  • A decedent’s legal documents are found, and you want to know the next steps.
  • A bank or other party has told you that a decedent’s assets cannot be accessed without a court order, letters testamentary, or certificate of qualification.
  • You need to continue a decedent’s legal proceedings begun during their life, such as a personal injury claim.
  • Your loved one’s death was due to negligent, suspicious, or criminal circumstances and you need to know your options, such as pursuit of a wrongful death matter in conjunction with traditional estate administration.